Its a s’he’ thing…..

I never took gender classes at university, in fact I have avoided them feeling that it may shape my world view in a certain way. Still I find myself  constantly battling gender sensitivities and insensitivities in my interactions. 


Room with a view

Standing at the glass panes is a de-stressor for me. In the expanse spread out before me I see so many things - observe new facets of the city. Traffic weaves it way in the roads below, life gushes forth everyday as people mill the streets, and birds encircle the sky.

Travel: elixir for life

It was like the entry into in a Universal Studios set, where one moment you are in line and the next moment you are living a fantasy. Failure, I thought, hits you in a similar fashion; suddenly out of nowhere, except that you know it’s been lurking in the dark all along.

Of memory prisms

One realizes as the years pass that parents never go away from our lives. At happy moments, more so in sad ones, they come unbidden in thoughts. Also, as time goes by one understands them more, in a way one never did when they were around.

What they see 2.0

Originally ransom was demanded for the release of life. It used to be said, 'your money or your life'. Now ransom is demanded for data release. Slowly and steadily, as humans have crept along the technology curve, life has transformed into packets of data.

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