New Lover

Every morning, as soon as I swing my feet towards the ground, it kicks in. From the first step I sense the presence. Throughout the day, the lover stays with me. Rarely leaving the spaces of my mind, and my body - never. I met this new lover about four months ago. The meeting was... Continue Reading →

Autumn Musings

It is that time of the year when one yearns to sit and sip a cup of tea with an old and dear friend. Hold a hand that promises comfort and engagement. Its a time when longings and desires seem to stir deep within and seek fulfillment.

Getting lost

The advent of GPS technology has in a way removed the strangeness of any place. With an address keyed in, in any part of the world one can now reach the destination without getting lost. It is a blessing, but as with any other gift of technology it takes away something from our lives.

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